Friday, December 6, 2013

My Final Week at RMSI

Well it's the final week y'all and it has been an amazing one! It felt just like yesterday I was flying into Barcelona, meeting my family, and starting my first day at RMSI. This whole week was jammed pack with things to do in and out of school. 
Monday, we spent the day reviewing for the science exam--which is in English. The science exam was over jobs and transportation. Some of the jobs discussed were arable farmers, factory workers, retail jobs, doctors etc. The students had to do projects, worksheets, take notes etc. throughout this unit. They had to know why each job was important and how it helped everyday living. For example, a dairy farmer helps feed us by giving us milk and dairy products. The students visited a yogurt factory which the factory got the milk from the dairy farmer to make yogurt. They really get to do a lot of hands on activities and experince real world situations. This tied into transportation. So for the review, we played an alphabet game where each letter of the alphabet was a question and the answer to that question started with that letter. The class was broke up into two teams and they scored points. They really enjoyed this game and I think it helped. We did this for both boys and girls and of course the boys went crazy with this game. 
That night, Amanda and I went to Place Catalyuna and did some shopping. We also, skimmed the Christmas market and got some ice cream from Farggi. Literally the best ice cream of my life. Needless to say, the Christmas market was absolutely beautiful so I went back 3 days in a row. This is also my 5th day in a row of having ice cream. Call me crazy, but I will never get this kind in America. My favorite is hazelnut :).
On Tuesday, my students took their science exam and they did so well! The boys did better than the girls this time. The girls averaged an 8 as a class and the boys averaged an 8.5! I'm so proud of them and I think it's amazing they can take a science exam in English, receiving high scores, and they are only in 3rd grade! During recess, I started playing soccer with some of the girls and I had a blast! It made me miss my days playing soccer! The girls loved that I played with them and the boys were shocked. Usually girls don't play soccer--but everything is surrounded by soccer! I absolutely love it! 
Tuesday night, Amanda and I went back to Place Catalyuna and shopped some more! She is definitely my shopping buddy! Guess what we got? That's right, ice cream!!!!! From Farggi! I tried different flavors this time, but I still had my hazelnut.
On Wednesday, we started our big science project that the whole 3rd grade completes. It has to do with the units they study throughout the semester. We got to make our own yogurt!! I was really impressed with how this science experiment went because it was very similar to the way Dr. West taught us. The students guided the experiment and they explained their thinking whether it was right or wrong. They came up with their own hypothesis and they came up with ideas of how to make yogurt using milk. They have studied about bacteria, milking processes etc. We actually did the experiment. We used milk, natural yogurt, and heat. The milk transformed into a solid just like yogurt! 
On Wednesday night, most of us went to the Christmas market at Place Catalyuna in front of the cathedral. It was so nice to have several girls together getting into the holiday spirit! We spent almost 2 hours at the Christmas market and guess what we got??? That's right more ice cream! I'm telling you, we all cannot get enough of it! 
Yesterday was a really hard day for me and crying was a big part of my day. I knew I would have to say goodbye and I didn't want to! Yesterday was all about me and the kids. I just got to spend time with them and they wrote me letters etc. They had to stand up and read what they wrote about me. I laughed and cried, laughed and cried. It was so nice to hear all the things they thought about me in just a short period of time I had with them. My favorite comment I received from a boy was, "I like her nails of plastic." I died. They have never seen someone with their nails done and that was the their number one thing they loved about. I couldn't believe it! I received so many letters, pictures, hugs and kisses from all of my students! Yes I said kisses!!! I love that they we can kiss each other on the cheek and tell each other "I love you". These kids are so affectionate and loving that kissing is a part of showing they care for you. Of course, it's nothing extreme, but that's just something teachers in America don't receive and I adored it! At lunch, the amazing staff at RMSI put on a farewell lunch for us at the school! They made us homemade pizza! We also toasted with wine (which is also looked down upon in America). At the end of our lunch we all received gifts from our teachers. We got a yearbook and a T-shirt. After lunch, I had one more class to go and I knew it would be over. I just sat there and thought about my whole experience at this school. I started out kind of nervous and shocked at the way the students acted to not wanting to leave. When that bell rang and I saw my kids for the very last time. The tears started flowing and I had to put on my sunglasses. I seriously don't want to leave these people thousands of miles away. Everyone at RMSI has been nothing but perfect to us and I am so glad I have established relationships with such great people. 
After all my crying and getting myself together, all of us except 3, went ice skating at Place Catalyuna!!!! We definitely needed something filled with happiness. We had a blast!!! Mary Bruce cracked me up. The whole day she kept saying she didn't know how to ice skate and she was so nervous. Well it's true she can't really ice skate. We had to place her in the kid section with penguin walkers. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. She loved it so much and she had a blast; that's all that matters! There was music and crazy colored lights. It was the perfect group day we have had! After ice skating, Brittany heard about a tapas restaraunt. Tapas is a Spanish meal. It is small portions of everything you can imagine. Some places charge you for the toothpicks and some places just have bars set up and you get what you want from each bar. We went to Mercat Tapas and it was so good! I potatoes and eggs which is famous here in Spain. They way they cook it is perfecto! After that guess what we got? Ice cream!! Haha! 
By this time, it was about 11 at night and some girls went home and some of us stayed out to enjoy some nightlife. Brittany, Ashley, Faith, and I had the best time ever!! The nightlife is totally different than America's nightlife. Most people take a siesta, or a nap, and then go back out. The people here usually don't go out until 1 am and come home at 6. Well that didn't happen for us! We just hung out and had a wonderful time to celebrate our last night in Barcelona!
Today was another great day! My family took me to the port by the sea and we ate at one of Joaquin's favorite restaurants. I loved this place because it was strictly local and no tourists were around. It was called Barceloneta. Everything was so exquisite--white table cloths, wine glasses, the sea in the background. Talk about perfect. It was a 5 course meal; I tried some new things that I wouldn't try at home like raw tuna, squid, some shrimp looking thing with eyes I don't even know and guess what I had at the cream!! 
I am so sad that this week is coming to an end, but I have another adventure to look forward to at 3 am....I am heading to Rome!!!! I cannot wait to be there and get Italian ice cream!!!! Ahhhhhh!! Well I have to start packing and get some rest! Audios Amigos---when in Rome?
Elena working on things for our yogurt project!
Hanging out with some goofballs !
My boys can't sit still for one second...not even for a picture. This is one of the reasons why I love them.
Group picture with the girls. A 360 from working with a class full of boys.
Shopping at the Christmas market.
I love my Nacho! (His nickname---so cute)
All my letters and gifts from the last day! 
The awesome staff at RMSI! I will miss them! 
Doing a little ice skating!!
Some sea food with eyeballs, but it was good!!
Victoria and I at the sea!

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