Monday, November 18, 2013

One Week Down

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can't believe I've been in Barcelona a week already. In a blink of an eye, I'll be back in America! My first weekend was a success! My host family took me to the mountains where they own a cabin. It is called Mas La Roca (house of rock) in Castell cir. This "cabin" is definitely not the cabin Americans are use to. It is the traditional Spanish farm house. This house or cabin is apart of my host father's family; it was built in the 1500s. The location of this cabin was breathtaking !!! I never wanted to leave. We arrived Friday night after school and our first stop was a farm, a dairy farm. Muli and Joaquin buy milk from this farm--all natural and they boil it themselves. I have never been to a milking farm so it was awesome to see the way these people still lived! It was dark outside so by the time we arrived to the cabin, I couldn't see the beauty of this place and it definitely was a surprise when I woke up Saturday morning. When I woke up, I was in awe at everything I saw. I was literally in the mountains with no street lights, neighbors, cars etc. all I could see was mountains, trees, and the best part--an abandoned church across the way. This church is abandoned, but once a year there is a special mass held at this church for Sant Andreu's Day. After I wandered around with my mouth wide open at the beautiful scenery, Muli and I went to the closest village (Castellter col) where there is a Farmers Market. Muli buys everything fresh--vegetables, meat, bread etc. hardly anything is bought in packages. It was so neat to see the village sell their products. It is November and there were still oranges, tomatoes, fresh eggplant etc. After the Farmers Market, she took me to a pastry shop that is well known in Spain. This pastry shop is to die for! From their cakes to chocolate, everything is hand made from scratch! 
After the village, we came back to the cabin to find an Argentinian Priest cooking for us! He came to visit the farm because he lived in the cabin down the road! Joaquin and this priest are friends. The priest was cooking a traditional Argentinian meal--Asado. It is a rack of beef cooked slowly over a fire; no grill. It took about 4 hours to cook. As the meat was cooking, I helped Muli prepare the vegetables and set the table. At that time, Muli's uncle arrived, Plasid. He is well known in Barcelona! He writes books and he is a journalist. The Asado was amazing!! It is kind of like eating ribs, but with a fork and knife. Muli saw I was having trouble so she let me use my hands 😊. After dinner, my host family and I went to Mass (church) in the village--Sant Quirze Safaje. It wasn't that much difference from the looks of it, but I couldn't understand a thing. I was just happy to be there! 
On Sunday, Joaquin wanted to take me to one of his favorite places in the mountains, an abandoned castle at the very top of the mountain. Muli, the girls, and I started hiking through the woods and it started to rain so Joaquin picked us up in the pickup. We drove half way up the mountain and walked the rest of the way to Castell de le Popa. This castle is at the tip top of the mountain and literally built on a rock that sits on the mountain. It looks like a ship. It was built in the 10th century and not that many people know about it! When we got to the top of the mountain, the castle sat in peace and it was breathtaking. It was amazing to see how these people built this castle and it's been there for years. I could see for miles and miles from the top of this mountain, I didn't want to leave. After the castle, we went to the abandoned church that is seen from Muli and Joaquin's cabin. Thief church is called Sant Andreu church of Castell cir. I didn't get to go in it, but being in the church's presence was all I needed. 
For it to rain all weekend long, I still had the time of my life. It was beautiful, peaceful, and unforgettable. I am definitely going to come back to stay in Muli and Joaquin's cabin! They rent it out so I am definitely taking them up  on that! With such a wonderful weekend, comes another long work week. 
Mondays are not the best, but when your in Barcelona it is wonderful! Especially when I get to shop after school and let me just say the shopping in Europe is mighty fine! I am in heaven! 
Well it's midnight and I have a long day tomorrow with some crazy kiddos! Buenos Noches!! Mwuah 

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